Monday, March 8, 2010

Off and running...

Well I was supposed to have gotten a bunch of new stuff done up for this Expo that my future mother in law is going to be at and she is so graciously allowing me to put the new stuff in her booth. So I am behind due to a day job that I had. I now have 22 back/shoulder pads cut and ready to sew and 11 eye masks cut and ready to sew. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get one of each pattern sewn and ready to treat. I have to hit the fabric store to get thread for the serger and the sewing machine that will better match the fabric. After further figuring it looks like the back/shoulder pads are going to be $30 and the eye masks still not sure. I will post one of each as I get them done in my shop.


  1. Love the eye masks... oooh I bet they would heavenly when a migraine strikes =)

  2. I think your back/shoulder pads are a great idea--I am always using my homemade corn sack on my shoulder at night...